Why there are a few posts on this blog. :)

No, I haven’t abandoned this site, it just fell lower into the priorities list.

Of course, priority number one is the client. That could be you, your sister, mom, aunt, best friend, cousin or someone really close to you. Part of making you–or them–my priority is by resting whenever I can so I will be in my best form when it’s your time to go under my brush.

That leaves me with little time to update this site.

With a lot of social media platforms out there, it’s quite tough to keep up. I am on Facebook somewhat regularly so why don’t I update that? To tell you the truth, I want to take photos of you in your event, but sometimes the flurry of activities makes this a bit impossible. It’s quite difficult and I’m not ableΒ to all the time, but I do try. I also don’t want to hassle you and the photographers for photos after your event, but of course, it’s always nice whenever I get tagged. πŸ™‚

Those very fortunate times that I can take snaps are very precious to me, that’s why whenever I can, I upload them to my personal Instagram account. You’ll see my most recent projects there, which may be in between pictures of food. Because come on, who doesn’t love food?

So to keep it simple, these are the ways to contact me or find out what I have been doing:

I keep this site as a reference, so you can find me through this site if what you prefer to use is the all-powerful Google search.

I keep my Facebook page so you can easily contact me if Facebook is your social network of choice.

I upload mostly on Instagram as I find it the easiest platform to share photos. You may treat that as my portfolio, albeit a hair-and-makeup portfolio interspersed with some fine-tasting food photos.

Lastly, the tried and tested, and my personal favorite: good old email! Yes, I love Gmail! You can always contact me at dianecoles.makeup@gmail.com, and I will personally attend to your inquiries. Promise!

Much love,


Nora and Lian

Nora is a New Yorker; Lian is from Laguna (Philippines). In a different life or circumstance, their meeting would be impossible, but not in this one.

While on a factory visit in China, Nora is enthralled by the lounge singer at the hotel where she stayed. Who else could that songbird be but Lian. Β And that was the spark that led to this occasion in February of 2015.

Oly Ruiz published the beautiful photos of Nora and Lian’s union on his blog. We were very fortunate to witness this declaration of love between to ladies who found each other despite oceans coming between them. Great shots by the always awesome Metrophoto team.

Some images from the blog:

Photos copyright by Metrophoto.


Let’s Start 2013 Fresh!

Wow! 2012 was a blast, wasn’t it? My 2012 brides got married (of course) and most of my 2011 brides gave birth to beautiful kids.

I wasn’t able to post at all the past month because of the gigs I attended, and I thank God for giving me the strength to bring out the beauty in all of my December clients. It was a super busy month not just for me, but for other wedding suppliers too. Many believe that when you end the year getting hitched with your significant other and celebrate the new year as a newlywed, you’ll be inseparable for the rest of the year (and the next ones too). I should know–I’m a December bride myself, and I know the joy of celebrating the new year with the man I said ‘yes’ to a couple of years ago. πŸ™‚

I never grow tired of seeing all the happy and hopeful smiles of all the couples I’ve worked with, and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more this year. 2013, I know you’ll have surprises and challenges for all of us, but as with the previous years, I know we could get along nicely. πŸ™‚

Much love,

Diane =)

And So Here Goes My First Post

I’m really excited to post this! Finally got my domain name and though setting this site up was somewhat difficult and confusing, the result still amazes me. πŸ™‚

The wedding gig today is at 8 am, with the preps in nearby Picasso Boutique Serviced ResidencesΒ in Makati. Good thing the internet connection’s strong tonight. I was able to upload some of my beautiful brides’ photos and though it may take time shuffling through the hard drives, I’m hoping to post more. That’s the fun thing about Manila gigs; I can stay up relatively late and still make it on time to my client’s event, fresh and recharged.

Speaking of recharging, I’m heading back to bed and get some more of that beauty rest I’ve been hearing so much about. πŸ™‚

See you all later! By the way, Joi, I know you’re excited about your wedding, but you better be asleep now! πŸ™‚

Much love,